WiRover is a networking solution for organizations requiring constant connection and reliable bandwidth wherever they are. This is achieved by intelligently leveraging multiple cellular, WiFi, and other networks to create a robust high bandwidth connection. WiRover is developed by a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison under the supervision of professor Suman Banerjee.

WiRover has many moving parts, at its core the technology is about improving mobile internet by adding networking interfaces. WiRover will cleverly use multiple interfaces and, with the help of a proxy, provide seamless connectivity even when one fails.

The project also includes some cloud management and monitoring systems along with some other mobile apps that see performance gains when using a system like WiRover.

Personal Contributions

I have written the core software that WiRover runs on, the wirover-user code base. This software handles all the lower level networking features that WiRover utilizes to provide seamless connectivity.

I also contribute to the management systems that our team has developed, from small changes all the way up to sweeping design overhauls and refactors.